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What is NIP-05 for Nostr?

Your Identity

NIP-05 Nostr protocol uses human-readable identifier to find and follow others on Damus, Amethyst, Plebstr.

Easily Reconizable

The identifier serves as a substitute for a public key and identifies users in a recognizable way on any Nostr client.

Personalized Address

This identifier is commonly compared to an email address you can personalize: [email protected]

Choose a plan

We'll always offer a free version of our NIP-05 verification service. However, we also offer premium plans where some include a faster verification processing, the choice of a custom subdomain (ex: bitcoin.verified-nostr.com), and a quick, private relay without spam!

No, I'll stick with Free

*Custom subdomains are on a first come, first serve basis

asked questions

Find out the most common questions related to our Nostr NIP-05 verification service.

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Please allow 24-48 hours for the free verification requests to be processed.

However, the process can be expedited by selecting one of our premium plans.

Currently, you cannot use the newer npub addresses for a NIP-05 verified address. You must convert a Damus key to an old-style hex key.

You can get the hex version of your public key from the Damus Key Converter site.

No, we manually process each verification submission to ensure only humans become verified. We hope this service will help stop some spam bots on Nostr!

However, we do intend to try and automate the process in the future in order to speed up the verification service.

If you change your username, it will break the verification and you will need to go through the verification process all over again. Username change requests will be prioritized based on plan status.

No. If you have lost your private key, we cannot help recover it. The NIP-05 verification process does not (from our end) require the private key. We have no way of recovering a lost private key.

A lost or compromised private key would require you to create a new Nostr account and go through the verification process over again.

All free verifications use our default @verified-nostr.com domain. For our premium plans you can choose your own subdomain (ex: bitcoin.verified-nostr.com) to make your verification more unique to you.

If you've subscribed to one of our premium plans you can manage the subscription here.

If you've subscribed to one of our premium plans and you've canceled the subscription here, the verification will auto downgrade to our free version with no subdomain. All you'd need to do is update the NIP-05 to remove the subdomain.

If you've subscribed to the Onyx plan you will gain access to our premium Nostr relay.

The premium relay is limited users, all who have a paid subscription. The premium relay is therefore faster and free from spam.

If you've subscribed to the Onyx plan you will gain access to email forwading of your NIP-05 address.

The premium plan will turn your [email protected] or [email protected] into an email forwarder, which will pass on emails sent to the NIP-05 address to an email of your choice.

Free Nostr NIP-05 verification

 NOTE: Your public key must be hex format and not npub or nsec. To get hex key use Damus Key Converter

*By submitting this form, you agree to have your email stored for future communication. Your information will never be shared with any third party.

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